David Benady – journalist, writer and technology analyst

Contact: benadyd@gmail.com

Tel: 07527-466176

Technology with a human edge

There’s a growing thirst for tech-savvy writers who can turn complex, specialist jargon into clear, persuasive language.

Who can explain why the latest algorithm, app or software update is relevant to the reader.

Who know the difference between a data management platform (DMP) and a demand side platform (DSP).

And who can link the latest technology with business strategy and describe what this means for sales and profits.

A new era of data, artificial intelligence and robotics is transforming the world. Repetitive, mundane jobs will be replaced by machines. Our needs and interests will be understood and satisfied by automatons.

Explaining this new epoch in simple terms is my mission. That means using a conversational style which captures the attention of readers, draws them into the subject matter and keeps them hooked right to the end of the piece. There’s nothing in the world of communication that can match the warm, anecdotal clarity of well-crafted writing.

Whether you need an in-depth report on aspects of marketing and retail or a blog about a new digital strategy, technology will likely be at the heart of it.

You’ll need a writer with a solid business background and a specialist knowledge of adtech, mobile marketing, robotics, artificial intelligence and data.

A writer who can express the benefits of technology without getting caught up in – or caught out by – its complexities.

People are tired of reading reports, instructions and tech pieces that look like they were written by an android. In the computer age, the only role that won’t be automated is being human.


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